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Continuous Improvement

Idea Triage

No good idea left behind

Assess each and every improvement suggestion. Ensure that all ideas are correctly categorised and prioritised based on your own organisational framework. Flexible approval paths based on category and cost.

Person processing paperwork
Smartsheet screenshot

Project Planning

Easy to use and collaborative

Set up your projects, easily see what upcoming tasks need to be started, quickly allow for delays in the schedule - all with automatically updated reports and dashboards for various stakeholders to be kept up to date.


Streamline work processes

Intuitive and flexible workflow automation lets you send notifications automatically when schedules change, or work is assigned to somebody. You are in full control of who gets told what and when. 

Step it up a notch by having your system automatically update reports when bills are entered into your accounting system.

People shaking hands
Smartsheet dashboard

Dashboards & Reports

Executive-ready progress communication

Portfolio level dashboards to immediately understand which projects are on-track and which need closer attention. Project level dashboards to get more detail about how an individual project is going.

Flexible reporting of your programme's activity broken down by each strategic pillar and business unit.

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