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Procurement Management

Dynamic Process

Sensible, automated process selection

Have your procurement system automate the implementation of your procurement policy. Automatically determine the approval pathways and process that must be followed based on category, risk and financial considerations.

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Smartsheet screenshot

Project Planning

Easy to use and collaborative

Easily set up your projects and stay informed about what tasks need to be started next, even when there are delays in the schedule. This can be done through automatically updated reports and dashboards that keep various stakeholders up to date on the progress of your projects.


Streamline work processes

Intuitive and flexible workflow automation lets you send notifications automatically when schedules change, or work is assigned to somebody. You are in full control of who gets told what and when. 

Step it up a notch by having your system automatically update reports when bills are entered into your accounting system.

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Smartsheet dashboard

Dashboards & Reports

Executive-ready progress communication

Portfolio level dashboards to immediately understand which procurements are on-track and which need closer attention.

Flexible reporting of your procurement activity, including visibility into upcoming contract renewals.

Contract Management

Integrated procurement and contract management

Have visibility into all active contracts, renewal terms and review points. Don't be surprised by a contract renewal ever again, with automated notifications and planning reports.

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