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Engineering Services

Job Costing

Comprehensive Budgeting

Costing a typical services engagement can be complicated. External contractors, different levels of staff, external costs, not to mention margins and customer discounts....phew!

InfoSpark offers a highly flexible job costing method that quickly converts directly into a categorised budget when you win the job!


Easy to use time capture

Your team can easily enter actual time spent against the right project category. Reports are updated and actual-time data can be made available for company performance and project profitability reporting.


Dashboards & Reports

Class-Leading Financial Tracking

InfoSpark's highly flexible and tailorable business management platform allows you to have continuously updated reports showing you how your delivery team is tracking against budget. 

All dashboards can be custom created based on your unique requirements and preferences.

Manage Delivery

Award Winning Project Planning

Your complex delivery projects need robust project planning. InfoSpark utilises the award winning Smartsheet platform to easily make sure that all of your key tasks are identified, allocated and tracked.

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